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Membership Levels

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Sponsorship Levels

While the Association is staffed by volunteers, it does cost money to provide the many programs and activities of the Alumni Association. We are fortunate that more than 300 alumni have made financial commitments to help cover the costs of these programs.

Alumni Association's Programs and Activities

  • Supporting
    • Over 200,000 website visits by friends and classmates
    • Nearly 1,000,000 page views
    • More than 3,800 site members
    • Visitors from every state and more than 35 foreign countries
  • Supporting class reunions
    • Providing and maintaining class lists
    • An online list of more than 60 reunion venues used by classes
    • Surveying 500 alumni about their reunion preferences and summarizing the results online.
    • Providing class reunion webpages
  • Recognizing excellence in the AHS community
    • AHS Hall of Fame
    • Publishing news of student accomplishments
    • Assisting the scholarship program
  • Providing an In Memory Section where we have provided information on more than 800 classmates no longer with us.
  • Scanning more than 35 yearbooks and making them available for viewing and download
  • Bringing you news of Albemarle and its Alumni
Our Tiered Supporting Membership Program
To recognize the generosity of these friends of AHS, we have developed a tiered membership program that includes levels based on participation. To recognize the generosity of these friends of AHS, we have developed a tiered membership program that includes levels based on participation.


Support AHS and the Alumni Association at a level that fits your circumstances

Annual Membership Levels Minimum Donation
  Red and Blue Member    $10.00
  Booster           $25.00
  Sustaining Member       $50.00
Annual Sponsorships - For more information Click Here
  Bronze   $100.00
  Silver   $250.00
  Gold   $500.00
  Patriot   $1,000.00
Scholarships  -  For More Information Click Here

   You can pay online below or mail your check to
 The AHS Alumni Association 

c/o Albemarle High School
2775 Hydraulic Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903


* * Special recognition to three Alumni Members for their time invested in making our website a success - Stan Maupin "67, Bonnie Sandridge Little "67 and Charles Scott Terry "58.  Their contributions cannot be measured in money.                                                                                         Charles Crenshaw