Who and What Is Included


Over500 AHS alumni and family, or 1 in every 8 people that we were able to reach, took the time to send us a personal example of how Mr. Hurt affected their lives. You sent inspiring stories of achievements gained because of Mr. Hurt’s help. You sent touching examples of his thoughtfulness. You sent funny stories about his enforcement of dress codes. You sent everyday examples of the “little things” he did for you as long as 50 years ago, and as recently as this year.

Every Copy Of “10,000 Memories” Contains:

  • Over 500 stories, remembrances and best wishes to Mr. Hurt submitted by you and including your name and graduating year.
  • More than 75 photographs of the school, teachers, clubs and events taken from the annual editions of The Peer from 1954-1984 – including a color image of the cover of every Peer published during the period.
  • Copies of articles, photographs and other memorabilia from Mr. Hurt’s life.
  • Brief biographies of the six members elected to first class of the Albemarle High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame.
  • Information and photographs from the "A Night To Remember" program.


And, yes,there are amazing examples of his memory!