The AHS Hall of Fame Program

Since the fall of 1953, Albemarle High School has provided outstanding educational opportunities for over 21,000 students and their families.  During these years, many individuals have made outstanding contributions to the Albemarle High School family, the school itself or the local community. Through their service, these individuals have demonstrated extraordinary support and leadership, and have made a lasting impression on the past, current and future members of the Albemarle High School community..

The Albemarle High School Hall of Fame was created to honor those individuals and to inspire future leaders by their example.

Criteria for selection include the following:

  • Former students who have made significant contributions through their occupational, personal or community lives since leaving Albemarle High School.
  • Former employees who made major contributions to the success of Albemarle High School and its students.  This includes faculty, administrative employees, coaches and staff members.
  • Major contributors and volunteers who have given significant assistance to Albemarle High School and its students, programs and activities.
  • Length of service including career and volunteer service.

New Nominations
The Albemarle High School Alumni Association will be having our fourth "A Night To Remember" Program in the Spring of 2015. We encourage you to nominate an AHS graduate, faculty member, staff member, coach or AHS volunteer who is worthy of being inducted in the Hall of Fame.  Please submit your nomination as soon as possible and no later than March 1.

Please provide as much information on your nominee as possible.  Remember, the review committee and board members making the decisions may not know the person you are nominating.  If you have questions, go to Contact Us or you can email or call Charles Crenshaw at 434-973-7326.


The Selection Process
Everyone is invited to submit nominations throughout the course of the year using the form below or by contacting the Association.  The deadline for submission is March 1 of each year for that year’s induction ceremony to be held in the spring or fall. 

Each year, a Hall of Fame Selection Committee will be appointed by the Alumni Association Board of Directors. The committee will include members who have a long term connection to the school or are current leaders in the local education community. After nominations are closed, the committee will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Alumni Association Board for final approval.

Submitting a Nomination

Complete the Hall of Fame Nomination Form and submit to:

Albemarle High School Alumni Association
Hall of Fame
2775 Hydraulic Road
Charlottesville, VA.  22901 

Click here for a printable version of the Nomination Form


Albemarle High School Alumni Association

Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Nominee’s Name:     ___________________________________________________   

Maiden Name:  _____________________              Email Address: __________________________

AHS Class of:_____           Year of Birth:  ______           If deceased, year of death  ______

Requirement:    Nominee must be a graduate of Albemarle High School or must have taught, coached or performed in an administrative position at Albemarle High School or have volunteered and supported the school and its students.

How has nominee been an example for others to follow?




How has nominee contributed in his/her work or profession, in deeds and/or support in volunteer efforts that have affected individuals and society in a positive way?




Has this nominee contributed in the promotion and/or support of Albemarle High School, students and/or faculty?  If so, please explain.



What additional qualities make this nominee for the Hall of Fame deserving of this honor?


Mail to:

Albemarle High School Alumni Association
Hall of Fame
2775 Hydraulic Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Please include a photograph if possible suitable for posting.


Your contact information:

            Name:  ______________________________________________________

            Address:  ____________________________________________________


            E-mail Address:  ___________________________

            Phone:            Home   _______________     Office:   ___________________                  


            Signature: _____________________________  Date: ______________