Other Highlights


  Some highlights from "A Night To Remember"

  • More than 600 people attended
  • Former students from 26 states were represented
  • 450 people sent in memories for Mr. Hurt
  • More than 70 students, faculty and staff of Albemarle participated
  • We inducted six leaders into the AHS Hall of Fame.
  • More than 13,000 people visited this website and viewed more than 275,000 pages during planning for the event.
  • Corporations, individuals and even class reunion committees supported the event financially. 
  • We published a book that we think many alumni will enjoy.
  • We generated a lot of ideas for the future, 

           ... and, most importantly, we let Mr. Hurt know how much we remember him!

Videos from "A Night To Remember"

Videos Provided by DND Films / David Dillehunt ('02)

Photos From "A Night To Remember"

Photos provided by John Trindle ('80)