Hall of Fame - 2013

The Albemarle Alumni Hall of Fame

Class of 2013


Paul Harrell Cale, Jr.
Paul is a 1966 AHS graduate. During his school years, Paul was preisdent.... more

Marilyn Jones Fantino
Marilyn Fantino was an English teacher at AHS for 33 years from 1963 to1997..... more 

Scott Goodman
Scott is being honored for more than 35 years of tireless volunteer work at Albemarle .....more  

Wilmer Eugene "Bill" Leatherman
Bill was a 1958 AHS graduate, a Hall of Fame athlete, a soldier and an outstanding coach... more 

Stan A. Maupin
Stan transferred from Lane to Albemarle High School in his junior year and graduated in 1967.......more  

William Howard "Willie" Raines
Willie was involved in the Albemarle County School System for over forty years....... more 

Sherman Thomas Shifflett
Sherman is a 1960 graduate of Albemarle and represents one of the many "success stories".......more