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Scott Goodman

Residing In: Charlottesville, VA USA

Scott sent this email in answer to my questions on his volunteer activities at Albemarle High School.
Scott, we thank you for your dedication and service to our school and am proud to welcome you as a member of the AHS Alumni Association family.

Mr. Crenshaw,

You are to be congratulated for putting this together.......it is a very worthy endeavor & it is great that you have gotten this off the ground.

No, I'm sad to say, I did not graduate from Albemarle (though I've had numerous alums over the years swear to me that I was in their class. Years ago I stopped arguing with them & now I just go along with them & let them think I was there). I am a native of Norfolk & spent the first 18 years of my life there, graduating from high school in 1971, when I came up to Charlottesville to go to UVA.

I started announcing football & basketball at AHS in the fall of 1976, so I'm now in my 36th year of doing it. Numbers-wise, football is easy to calculate because there are 5 home games a year, which means that there have been 180 football games since I started announcing. I've missed about 5 of those games over the years for various reasons, so I'd say I've announced 175 football games.

Basketball is a little tougher. There are 20 home games a year---10 boys & 10 girls. In addition, there are the games during the annual Christmas tournament, many of which have been held at Albemarle, and most years there have been one or two post-season tournament games---in some years more & in a few years less. So, with all that, I'm positive of a minimum of 25 games per year for 36 years. If my math is right that's 900 games, but in all likelihood that's low because I think it's one or two more than 25 games a year.
Some years I have not missed a single game, but most years I have missed 1 or 2 games for various reasons, mostly if there is a conflict with a big UVA game the same night. In conclusion, I would say that it's safe to say that I have announced 850 boys & girls Albemarle basketball games since I started.

Of course I never started out with a goal of doing this so long. It just started, and I continued to do it, even as principals & athletic directors have changed. It really is an honor to do it, and I am very proud to be a part of the AHS family. My own children went to Albemarle, which has given me an even stronger connection. I've loved doing it, especially getting to announce the Homecoming Queen each year. The very first homecoming queen I announced back in 1976 is now 53 years old! That is ridiculous.

Again, thank you for all you are doing. I hope I have sufficiently answered your question.

Scott Goodman

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